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Change image backgrounds online in seconds with Fotor's background changer.

Whether you want to change the background of a photo to white or add a new background, Fotor can do it all.

Fotor's automatic photo background changer

Automatic Background Changer

Fotor’s AI-powered background changer gives you one-click power to change the background of any photo online. Just drag and drop your photo to Fotor’s background changing tool, and Fotor will automatically detect and remove the background from your photo in a flash. You can then change image background to anything you want- solid colors, pattern or texture backgrounds, landscape photos, and more. The entire process takes less than 5 seconds- simple and fast!

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Easily add new backgrounds to photos using Fotor's photo background changer

Change Backgrounds of Photos to Give Them a New Look

Don’t like the background of your photo? Replace it with a better one! Whether you want to add Christmas backgrounds to photos for a festive vibe or change photo background to create a professional profile picture, Fotor has you covered! You can choose from a variety of HD photo backgrounds, or upload your own picture to make your photo pop. Get creative with Fotor’s photo background changer to give your photos a new look and feel.

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Add white background to product images easily

Change Background to White for eCommerce Product Images

A white background is one of the most popular backgrounds for online marketplaces because it makes the listed products look clean and focused. Using Fotor, you can easily and quickly add white backgrounds to your product photos. Fotor’s background changer also provides a set of editing tools to help you edit photo backgrounds- blur backgrounds, adjust lighting, remove unwanted objects from backgrounds, change background color, and more. Easily optimize your product images for the best impact.

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Type text prompts to generate custom background pictures instantly with AI

A Wide Variety of Backgrounds Pictures to Choose From

Besides changing photo backgrounds, Fotor’s photo background changer offers a variety of preset backgrounds you can freely use. You can add solid color backgrounds, pattern backgrounds, nature and landscape photos, illustrations, and much more to your photos. You can even describe the desired background picture you want, and let Fotor AI create it for you. Effortlessly use AI-generated images to match your needs and aesthetics.

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Fotor's free photo background changer app

Free Photo Background Changer App for iOS & Android

Change background of photo at your fingertips with Fotor’s photo background changing app. You can change photo background to transparent and add aesthetic backgrounds to make your photo look perfect in one tap. Plus there are even more photo editing features you can use to spice up your photos- add text and stickers, apply photo filters, etc. Download Fotor app to change background now and experience an amazingly simple way to edit your photos.

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How to Change Photo Background?

  • It’s easy to change the background of a picture using Fotor’s free online AI background changer. Click the "Change Background Now" button on this page. It will open our eCommerce Pic Maker editing page.
  • Click the " Select a photo" button to upload the image you want to change the background. Our tool automatically removes the original image background and applies a new background for you.
  • There are various backgrounds for you to choose from and suitable for different product sales.
  • When you finish, click the "Download" button to save your product pictures. JPG, PNG, and PDF formats are available.
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