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With a range of photo touchup tools to transform your portraits and photos, Fotor's Beauty feature can bring out the radiant 'you' and give your photos makeup and a makeover regardless of picture quality. With everything you need for portrait editing, you'll never take a bad shot again! Our magic retouch photo editor is perfect for retouching any manner of images - selfies, portraits, and photos easily.

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What Features Does Fotor's Retouch Photo Editor Have?

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Features of the Photo Retouch Tools

Use Fotor's photo retouch tools to remove unwanted objects from photos

Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

Fotor’s AI-powered object remover lets you effortlessly remove objects from photos, such as unwanted passersby, power lines, and other distractions. Just mark the objects you want to remove from your photo, and Fotor will remove them in seconds as if they did not exist.

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Wrinkle Remover

Wrinkle smoothing has never been so easy with Fotor! With Fotor’s free online wrinkle remover, you can easily smooth your skin and remove wrinkles with just a few clicks!

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Blemish Remover

Sunburn, pimple breakout or even freckles can ruin an otherwise brilliant photo. With Fotor’s Blemish Remover, any unsightly mark can be removed with ease!

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Photo Reshaping

Getting yourself in good shape used is a strenuous task, but now it’s super easy to reshape your body and face with Fotor’s Reshape feature!

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Teeth Whitening

Coffee and tea stained teeth ruining your photos? You will always have a luminescent smile with Fotor's Teeth Whitening feature!

Whiten Teeth Now
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Red-eye Remover

You had the perfect pose and everything to make your shot the best, but then you find yourself with GLOWING red eyes! Fotor’s Red Eye Remover can help you out!

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How to Retouch a Photo?

  • Click the "Get Started" button on this page and turn to the edit page.
  • Click"Open Image" to upload your picture or directly drag it to our editing area.
  • Click the "1-Tap Skin Retouch" button to automatically retouch your face.
  • Or you can also choose which particular "Beauty" feature you wish for maximum results to fix your image. For example, click "Smoothing" on the left dashboard to make your face smooth, and use the "Blemish Fix" to remove the blemishes.
  • Finish editing your work, and click the "Download" button to save.
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