Add Borders to Photos for Free in Seconds

Want to add a border to your pictures? Fotor has got you covered!

Simply upload your picture and choose from our wide variety of free photo borders.

It’s easy and fast, making your pictures stand out instantly!

Add Border to Photo
Add colored borders for pictures with Fotor

Add Colored Borders for Pictures

Looking for a fast and easy way to add white borders to your photos on Instagram? Fotor lets you do this with just one click! What’s more, you can customize the color and thickness of the borders, as well as add shadows! Have fun experimenting with different options when adding borders to your pictures!

Add a Border to Photos Now
Fotors aesthetic photo borders

Add Aesthetic Photo Borders

Fotor has a ton of cool borders that can easily give your photos a stylish touch. Whether you’re looking for an old-school Polaroid border for a vintage, retro feel or some holiday-themed borders to add a seasonal vibe to your photos- Fotor has them all! With so many options out there, you’re sure to find the perfect border for your pictures!

Add a Border to Photos Now
Add white outline borders to images with Fotor

Add Outline Borders to Images

Adding a white outline border (also called a white silhouette) to your photo is a great way to highlight someone or something in your picture. Fotor has an AI background remover that makes cutting out images and generating outlines really quick! The process is automatic, so it doesn't matter if you don't know how to do it yourself - Fotor does everything for you!

Add Outline Borders Now
Add picture borders with Fotor App

Add Picture Borders On the Go with Fotor App

Create share-worthy photos in seconds using Fotor’s app. It is available for both iOS and Android devices, so enjoy adding borders to photos right at your fingertips. Best of all, our app comes with powerful photo editing features to help you enhance your photos. Download Fotor today to try it out.

Add a Border to Photos Now
Take your pictures to the next level with Fotor

Take Your Pictures to the Next Level

You don’t need Photoshop when you have Fotor. With a suite of in-built photo editing tools, you can edit and enhance your photos like a pro. Use Fotor to enhance photo quality, apply cool filters and effects, add stickers and captions, and a whole lot more. Get creative with Fotor to give your photos extra personalized touches!

Add a Border to Photos Now
Fotor photo editor interface

How to Add a Border to Photos?

  • Fotor online photo editor helps you add a border to a photo in just one click. Simply click on the “Edit a photo” button from the homepage to get started.
  • Then upload the photo you want to edit. Once the photo is uploaded, click on “Frames“ located on the left of the panel, and you’ll see a ton of photo borders and frames. You can add colored borders, patterned borders, and even outline borders.
  • Choose a border of your choice and watch the magic happen! Customize the border by adjusting its width, size, color & opacity until it looks just right for you.
  • Click the “Download” button and save your photo in the desired format.
Add a Border to Photos Now

Fotor Makes It Easy to Add Borders to Photos Online

Add a Border to Photos Now