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With countless ways of superimposing images, the possibilities for creativity are endless!

Overlay images online quickly for free with Fotor
Add picture to picture in seconds using Fotor online photo editor

Instantly Add Picture to Picture

Fotor’s free online photo editor makes it super easy to put a picture on a picture. Simply upload two or more pictures then use Fotor’s drag-and-drop tools to move them around, rotate, resize, or flip them until you find a perfect combination! Enjoy having everything done right from your web browser- no need to download any software! It’s fast and simple.

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Overlay images with transparency to create double exposure picture using Fotor

Superimpose Images to Create Double Exposure Effects

Easily apply the trendy double exposure effect to your photos with Fotor. All you have to do is select two images, then adjust the transparency level to mix and blend them into one. You can get a ghost-like, surreal photo in seconds. Experiment with it today to give your shots a dreamy mood.

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Overlay multiple images using Fotor

Overlay Multiple Images for Creative Look

Unlock your creative genius when it comes to overlaying images. You can use our AI-powered background remover to extract people, animals and any other object from images in an instant. So you can combine images to create creative composite art. Plus, you’ll have access to a massive library of design assets. Add stickers, icons, fonts, or illustrations to create outstanding designs!

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Easily edit your photos using Fotor photo editor

Take Your Images to Next Level with A Well-Rounded Photo Editor

Fotor is a versatile photo editor that comes with a variety of photo editing tools. It helps you edit your images like a pro and turn them from average to fantastic. From overlaying images and applying photo effects to improving photo quality and retouching portraits, Fotor has them all. Sign up for Fotor now and get access to all these amazing features and tools for free.

Overlay Images Now

How to Overlay Pictures?

  • You can overlay two images to create dazzling pictures for free using Fotor online photo editor. To superimpose images, first, click the button "Overlay Images Now" and upload one photo you want to edit to Fotor.
  • Click on the "Elements" button on the left and upload your another photo which you want to overlay. Then, it will immediately appear in the canvas. Drag the photo to adjust the composition to your liking. You also have the ability to adjust the transparency and size of the images.
  • Apart from that, Fotor offers a lot of editing features- you can add text, stickers and photo frames, apply photo filters, adjust lighting, exposure, contrast and a lot more within a few clicks.
  • Once you're done editing, click on the “Download” button at the top of the toolbar to export your image in JPG, PNG format.
Overlay Images Now

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Overlay One Picture on Another Picture Online in Seconds

Overlay Images Now

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