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With Fotor’s free AI object remover, you can remove object from photo online in just 5 seconds.

Automatically remove people, text, date stamps, and any other unwanted objects to create professional images in a snap.

Remove object from photo online for free with Fotor's AI object remover
Remove unwanted object from photo easily and quickly with Fotor free online photo eraser

AI-Powered Automatic Object Remover

Manually removing object from photo in Photoshop can be a time-consuming task. Fotor’s AI object remover makes this process much easier. You don't need any photo editing skills. Just upload your picture, select the objects you want to remove, and Fotor will handle the rest. It's automatic and fast. Within just a few seconds, you’ll get a clean and flawless photo that is ready to be shared proudly.

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Remove objects online with high quality and accuracy using Fotor free object remover tool

Remove Object Online With Great Precision

You can always expect high-quality results with Fotor’s object remover from photo. Powered by advanced AI technology, Fotor will intelligently analyze the image, remove the specified objects, and recreate the removed areas using image inpainting techniques. No matter how complex or intricate your photos may be, Fotor can seamlessly remove objects from photos in a natural and realistic way.

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Magically Remove Unwanted Object From Photo

Remove people from photo using Fotor's free AI object remover

Remove Passengers and Tourist From Your Vacation Photos

Never let unwanted photobombers ruin your travel pictures again. Our photo eraser tool makes it easy and quick to edit someone out of a picture. Whether you want to remove a single person or a group of people, Fotor can handle it all. Effortlessly remove people from photos as if they were never there to capture picture-perfect moments!

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Remove background clutter from a product image using Fotor object remover

Remove Background Clutter for Professional Product Presentation

Elevate your product presentation with a professional, clutter-free background. With our object remover, you can easily remove distracting elements, creating a clean and focused backdrop for your products in no time. Additionally, you can remove the background and replace it with a white background in just one click. Try Fotor out to create flawless product images to attract attention and drive sales for your online store!

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Remove text from image using Fotor's object remover

Erase Unwanted Text or Logos From Images

Fotor's AI object remover not only excels at removing objects from images but is also highly effective at eliminating text. It's fast and highly accurate. You can use it to remove watermarks, date stamps, captions, words, logos and even stickers from images without altering the original background. Showcase your image's original appearance without any unwanted distractions in seconds.

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Remove pimples from a portrait photo with Fotor

Remove Skin Imperfections to Enhance Portrait Photos

Achieve flawless portraits with just a few clicks! Now you can easily remove wrinkles, blemishes, and any other pesky skin imperfections. Apart from object removal, Fotor provides a range of powerful portrait editing tools you can use to enhance your images further. Adjust the lighting, fix red eyes, whiten teeth, smooth skin, and even apply digital makeup. Take your portraits to the next level and make a lasting impression.

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Use Fotor's object remover to remove scratches from an old photo

Repair and Restore Old Photos

Don't let time fade your memories. Use Fotor’s object remover tool to remove scratches, tears, spots, and stains from your treasured old photos to bring them to their former glory. In addition to removing objects from photos, you can even use Fotor to colorize your old photos. With just one click, you can transform black and white photos into vibrant masterpieces. Experience the power of Fotor and witness how effortlessly you can restore photos online.

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Why Choose Our Object Remover?

Clock icon- simple and fast to use

Fast and Easy to Use

Fotor makes removing objects from photos easy and hassle-free. No technical skills are needed at all.

Text icon- free fonts

High-Quality AI Object Removal

Flawlessly remove objects from photos, leaving no trace and preserving their natural appearance.

Computer and phone icon- cross platform compatibility

Multiple Platforms

Enjoy Fotor object remover app at your fingertips. Remove unwanted elements and clean up images anywhere and anytime.

How to Remove an Object From a Picture?

  • With Fotor’s free online object remover, it takes just seconds to remove something from a picture. Firstly, upload or drag and drop the picture you want to edit into Fotor.
  • Then paint over the unwanted object using the brush tool, and Fotor will automatically analyze the image and erase the object within seconds
  • Once the object has been removed, click the “Download” button to export your image as a high-quality JPG, PNG or PDF file. Removing an object from a picture has never been easier!
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