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Fotor’s PNG maker lets you convert JPG to PNG transparent, make PNG images transparent, improve the quality of PNG images, and more within just seconds.

Fotor free online PNG maker
Convert JPG to PNG transparent in one click with Fotor's free online PNG maker

Convert JPG to PNG Transparent in 1Click

Fotor's PNG creator makes it super easy to convert JPG into transparent PNG. Just upload your JPG image, and Fotor will remove the image background and convert it into a transparent background in a matter of seconds. The whole process is 100% automatic. You don't need to spend hours manually creating clipping paths in Photoshop to create PNG images anymore. Try Fotor out now!

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Create transparent PNG without losing quality using Fotor's PNG creator

Create Transparent PNG Images Without Losing Quality

Our PNG maker doesn't compromise on the quality of your images. Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, Fotor can quickly convert image to PNG, while maintaining the quality and clarity of the original image. Once the conversion is done, you can download the transparent PNG image in a high-resolution file for free. It has never been easier to create high-quality transparent PNG images online!

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Batch convert multiple images to PNG with Fotor's transparent PNG maker

Batch Convert Image to PNG Online

Say goodbye to the hassle of converting your images to transparent PNGs one by one. With Fotor's free online transparent PNG maker, you can upload multiple images and convert them all at once- saving you lots of time and effort. From animal pictures and portrait photos to logos and vectors, Fotor can handle all types of transparent image conversion. Experience a hassle-free experience that will enhance your productivity and workflow with Fotor.

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Improve PNG image quality using Fotor

Enhance Your PNG Images to High Quality

Have a low-quality, blurry PNG image? Not to worry. Fotor’s PNG maker is equipped with an AI image enhancer tool that can improve the quality of your PNG images, instantly making them look clearer, sharper, and more vibrant. Try it out to see how easy it is to transform low-quality PNG images into high-quality ones.

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Convert JPG to transparent PNG and use it to make a design with Fotor's PNG maker

More Than Just a PNG Creator

Fotor provides more than just converting images to PNG formats. With a built-in photo editor, you can easily edit and combine your PNG pictures to create stunning designs. Crop, resize, add text, change backgrounds, apply photo filters and effects, and a whole lot more, all within a few clicks. Start your creative journey with Fotor today!

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What Can You Do with Fotor’s PNG Maker?

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How to Make a PNG?

  • Fotor’s online PNG maker offers an easy and fast way to create PNG images. First, click the button "Make PNG Now" to get started, and upload your picture.
  • Then find the Background Remover tool at the left tool menu and click it. You can choose Common Cutout or Portrait Cutout as needed.
  • Fotor will automatically convert your image into a transparent PNG within seconds. No manual editing are needed at all!
  • Finally, click on the download icon to download your transparent PNG picture in high quality.
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