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Fotor's free online image combiner lets you combine two images or more images into one easily.

Choose from a range of ready-made photo grids and collage templates to start editing right away!

Combine images online easily with Fotor's image combiner
Fotor's drag and drop image combiner

Simple Drag-And-Drop Photo Merger

Fotor's image combiner simplifies the process of merging images into a single picture. With just a few simple steps, you can create stunning image combinations. Choose from a variety of layout options and effortlessly drag and drop your desired images into the layout. Fotor will automatically align and adjust the images to fit the chosen layout, eliminating the need for any advanced editing skills. Mixing and combining multiple images has never been this effortless and accessible!

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Easily combine pictures vertically or horizontally using Fotor's image combiner

Easily Customize Combined Images to Suit Your Needs

Fotor’s image combiner gives you full customization options. You can combine pictures vertically or horizontally, adjust images’ order, position and layout, change the thickness, spacing, and color of girds, etc.

Fotor provides you with the flexibility to create the perfect photo merge effect. Additionally, you can customize various elements to achieve the desired photo mixing effect. With Fotor, you have the freedom to mix and stitch photos together in any way you envision.

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Create a heart-shaped photo collage using Fotor's photo combiner

A Library of Image Layouts and Grids to Choose From

There are a variety of photo grids and layouts available to choose from. Whether you want to merge two photos into a single frame or create a captivating heart-shaped photo collage. Fotor provides diverse options for you. Moreover, you'll find an extensive collection of fonts, stickers, icons, and backgrounds in Fotor, allowing you to add creative elements to your image combinations.

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the exciting possibilities that Fotor brings to your photo merge experience!

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Aesthetic photo collages created on Fotor's image combiner

Combine Photos to Create Aesthetic Photo Collages

Make a photo collage of your favorite moments by combining your photos together with Fotor's photo stitcher! With hundreds of ready-to-use photo collage templates for different occasions, you can easily make birthday photo collages, wedding photo collages, Instagram story collages, family photo collages, and more. Whatever your needs are, you're sure to find one that's just right.

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Use Fotor's app to combine images on the go

Free App to Combine Images At Your Fingertips

Merge images from anywhere you want! Fotor’s photo merging app offers a variety of grid layouts and collage templates to help you create stunning image combinations on the go. It is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Download it and start to connect images together with your phone now.

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How to Combine Photos?

  • Firstly, click the button "Combine Images Now", and click "Add Photos" to upload the pictures you want to combine. Fotor will automatically combine your photos using the default collage template.
  • Go to the "Collage" on the left tool menu, there are various premade layouts and collage templates for combining photos. Choose one template and Fotor's collage maker will immediately replace the original default template with the new one.
  • If necessary, you can rearrange the position and layout of your photos, adjust the spacing and colors of the borders, add text and stickers, apply photo effects and more.
  • When you’re satisfied with the final look, click the Download button to save your image as a JPG, PNG or PDF file.
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Combine Photos Online with Fotor's Image Combiner

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