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Remove text from image with Fotor's object remover within seconds. Free to remove unwanted objects from photos online to bring a stunning look to your snap pic!

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Remove Text from Image with AI

As an AI-powered photo eraser, Fotor allows you to remove the text from image without removing background and destroying the visual effect of your original images. All you need to do is upload your photos in Fotor's photo object remover and you can take words off a picture with ease. Using Fotor, it has never been easier to remove or edit text in image.

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Online Watermark Remover

When you want to use a free image from the web as your design material, you may find a text watermark on it that will affect the visual effect. Try Fotor's watermark remover to let you remove watermarks from photos online for free, so you can utilize your free online images efficiently!

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More than Just a Text Remover

Our image cleaner not only allows you to remove text and watermark from images easily, but also you can use it to clean up pictures, including removing people from photos, removing scratches to restore photos, and removing image background. Any photo bomber can be wiped out within three seconds!

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Why Use Our Online Text Eraser?

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AI Technology

Our online text remover is backed up by the cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

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Our AI tool allows everyone to remove text, logo, and watermarks from images with ease.

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Device Friendly Text Remover

Our text eraser is mobile-friendly, and you can remove text from photos even on the fly.

How to Remove Text From Image?

  • Click on the "Remove Text Now" button below to get started.
  • Upload the image that you want to optimize by clicking the "Open image" button or dragging and dropping the image to the editing area.
  • Click the "Object Remover" button on the left toolbar.
  • Select the unwanted text with the Smear. You can adjust the brush size as needed. Moreover, use our "Eraser" to undo the part that you want to keep.
  • Click "Start Removing" to remove the unwanted object, and click "Download" to save your final effect.
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Remove Text From Image FAQs

Optimize Your Pictures With Fotor’s Remover Tools in Seconds

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See How Amazing Our Online Text Remover Is...

Fotor’s AI text removal tool is an absolute time-saving gem! It streamlines the task of eliminating text from images, significantly boosting the efficiency of our content creation endeavors.


Staff at Business

The text remover is a revolutionary asset for photographers such as myself. It enables me to effortlessly eradicate undesired text or watermarks from my images, ensuring the preservation of the captured moments' innate beauty.



Fotor’s text removal tool has completely transformed the quality of my product images. It assists me in effortlessly eliminating distracting text or logos, resulting in visuals that exude a polished and professional appearance.