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Enjoy automatic photo editing with artificial intelligence.

With Fotor’s AI photo editor, you can easily remove background, add or replace object, edit and enhance photos in seconds. Effortlessly take your photo to the next level.

Edit photos with Fotors AI photo editor online
Enhance the quality and color of a portrait with AI photo editor

Enhance and Correct Image With AI

Have no photo editing skills? You don’t need to. Our AI photo editor comes with a powerful photo enhancer tool that lets you improve photo quality online in one click. Just upload your photo, and this AI-powered tool will automatically analyze it, correct colors and lighting issues, enhance sharpness, and remove blur from your images in real time. Effortlessly enhance image quality with state-of-art artificial intelligence technology.

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Remove and change photo background with AI photo editor

Remove Background From Image with AI

With Fotor’s free AI photo editor, you can remove backgrounds from any photo in 5 seconds. It uses an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm that can detect the photo subjects and automatically make the background transparent in an instant. You can then easily change the background to any color and pattern, even the AI-generated background! Use your creativity and try out different backgrounds to create stunning photos.

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Remove object from photo with Fotors AI photo editor

Remove Unwanted Objects From Photos With AI

Want to remove something from photos? Fotor’s AI photo editor can help! You just need to mark the objects you want to remove, and Fotor will remove them as if they had never existed. Magically remove people, text, date stamps, power lines, and other distractions from your photos. In seconds, you will get a clean and clutter-free photo. Try Fotor out now and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to clean up your photos!

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Retouch a girl portrait with Fotors AI photo editor

Portrait Editing Made Easy With AI

Face retouching has never been so easy with Fotor’s AI photo editor. Just upload your portrait photo, and Fotor will automatically detect the face in the photo and reveal your beauty. Smooth out wrinkles, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, enhance skin tone, and more. In a matter of seconds, you will have a flawless, studio-quality portrait photo. Experience the convenience of AI photo editing and effortless portrait improvement with Fotor.

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Batch edit photos with Fotor AI photo editor

Batch Edit Photos with AI

Fotor's AI photo editor is the perfect solution for editing a large number of photos at once. It has various batch photo editing tools to help you speed up the photo editing process. You can batch crop, resize, add text and watermarks, adjust your photos' brightness, contrast, and saturation, convert image formats, and more- all in one go! Get more done in less time with AI techniques.

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Enlarge a photo with Fotors AI image upscaler

Upscale Images and Increase Resolution With AI

It takes just seconds to convert small, blurry images into high-resolution images. The smart image upscaler on Fotor’s AI photo editor works with any photo, and the results are impressive. Whether you want to enlarge your product photos for e-commerce or convert anime pictures into 4K images, you’ll be covered. Best of all, Fotor increases image resolution without sacrificing image quality. Photo upscaling is simple and hassle-free!

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Replace the ice cream in the photo with clouds using Fotors AI photo editor

Replace Images from Text with AI

Fotor's AI photo editor allows you to add or replace objects in photos from text prompts, without any complex editing skills, even a novice can quickly get stunning images. All you need to do is use the brush to select the area you want to edit, and type in the content of your imagination. Whether you want to turn an ice cream into a cloud or add a hat for yourself, Fotor will take your ideas from text to life in seconds. Transform your photo into a masterpiece with our magic AI replacer tool today!

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Restore an old photo with Fotors AI photo editor

AI Restoration and Colorizing

With Fotor AI photo editor, you can now effortlessly restore your old photo which is faded, scratched, and even damaged. Fotor employs advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to detect blemishes and scratches in your images, fixing them in seconds, and even colorizing the black-and-white photos. Plus, this powerful AI photo editing tool can fix blurred faces, enhance clarity and quality in an instant. Experience the amazing photo restoration technology and bring your old photos back to life!

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Adjust image brightness using Fotor AI photo editor

Automatically Adjustments with AI

Our AI photo editor can automatically make basic adjustments to photos, whether it is to enhance photo brightness or optimize photo contrast, Fotor excels in swiftly recognizing and capturing the details within your photos, quickly taking your photos to the next level. Say goodbye to the hassles of manual adjustment and experience the convenience of AI photo editing!

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What Users Say about Our AI Photo Editor?

Kudos to Fotor for their innovative AI photo editor! This tool's ability to automatically detect and remove scratches is nothing short of magic. It's made restoring old photos and enhancing photos an absolute breeze.

Emerson Baldwin


I'm continually amazed by Fotor's sheer versatility. From enhancing image quality to effortlessly removing background, the AI photo editor has transformed my photo editing experience.

Estella Hawkins

Business owner

As a photographer, Fotor's AI replace function is a dream come true. It's like having a virtual studio at my disposal. Whether I'm working on client projects or personal compositions, its ability to insert or replace objects has become an integral part of my workflow.

Deon Burnett


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